Planting Roots at CPLC De Colores

30th Aug 2019

CPLC De Colores recently partnered with Agave Farms to provide our domestic violence shelter with a new community garden and landscaping upgrades. Agave farms is an urban garden project that is working to built urban gardens throughout the community.

Agave Farms installed 50 ready-to-go garden systems at the shelter and planted corn and pumpkins with our shelter residents.


The garden systems are specifically developed to be an easy way to grow nutritious, healthy, fresh food. This means that the shelter will have a sustainable way of producing our own fruits and vegetables that can then be used in the food that is prepared for our clients.

We are truly proud to be able to offer organic fruits and vegetables that have been grown and harvested by our De Colores community. This creates an amazing positive impact for all of our clients who will enjoy fresh and healthy food grown right at our shelter.

The landscaping upgrades at CPLC De Colores also include crushed granite all around our outdoor patio and corridors. This has had an amazing positive impact for our shelter: The crushed granite covers the dirt ground, which greatly reduces dust. Agave Farms also re-filled our two playgrounds with wood chips to provide a safer space for children to play.  

It was beautiful to see everyone coming together and working on our new beautiful garden. Our new veggies will be ready to harvest in October. It was a day of celebration for everyone with music, food, and drinks. 





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